TaperRen is a 19 year old professional barber based at D&L’s Barber Shop in North London.

Training under the mentorship and guidance of SliderCuts, DamonNo1Barber and Barber Darron, some of London’s highly respected barbers, TaperRen quickly became the one to watch as he worked to hone his skill and expertise.

Drawing inspiration from his mentors and peers, as well as D&L’s Riaze Blade and US barber Wizzy The Barber, TaperRen is just getting started.


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Skin Fade

A gradual fade from dark to light with the lowest point being 0 (skin)

Low Fade

A gradual fade from dark to light with the lowest point being a 0.5 (a little bit of hair)

One Level

One level all round with a light neck line taper


A variety of small/large designs and patterns

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Services & Opening Hours

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Adult Haircut Pricelist
  • Haircut £20
  • Haircut With Beard Shape/Shave £22
  • Bald Head Without Beard Shape Up £10
  • Bald Head With Beard Shape/Shave £12
  • Shape Up Without Beard £10
  • Shape Up With Beard £12
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Opening Hours

  • Monday CLOSED
  • Tuesday 10AM - 6PM
  • Wednesday 10AM - 6PM
  • Thursday 10AM - 6PM
  • Friday 9:15AM - 6PM
  • Saturday 9:15AM - 6PM

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